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Center Rodaki74, kv.93, Doshanbe Ul, Tajikestan, Postal code: 348673

Cell: +1 559 921 7093

International Number : +44 20 32900217

Telefax: +992 501 112864



No. 861, No. 1 St., Sub-Street of Shirpour Project, Kabul - Afghanistan

Cell: +93 787736003



Dubai : Dubai Internet city ,Dubai

Ajman: Ajman Free zone

UAE Number :+971-568923390



Al Ihsan Group Building, 62nd  Street, Iraq - Baghdad

International Number : +44 20 32900217


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Bama Security Co. is one of the best leading companies in field of Network Security Services, Software and Hardware in Central Asia and Middle East both is sales and services. Our team includes 49 employees in sales, after sales support and R&D departments at two central main offices. We own more than 450 resellers along showrooms and shops in Central Asia and Middle East with the most annual sales in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and UAE. With the main goal of supplying the original products, we put step forward to expand our marketing team and technician in region and now lead as one of the best known companies in the mentioned countries according to the culture and economical situation of the region. Bama Security has been changing the lifestyle of the regions’ people in mean of using original products according to Copy Right but not copied and cracked products. We cover 45% of market share in our covering territories by providing affordable prices and 24/7 technical support services. Bama Security leads market growth by advertisement in creditable and authentic magazine, holding seminars and conferences for individual companies, governmental organizations, schools and universities. 

With thanks to the high potential brands in the field, our Corporate Sales department will meet the clients satisfactions in field of Enterprise with special focused on governmental and individual organizations, banks, small businesses and etc.