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  • Avira Endpoint Security brings your desktop PC and file server protection under a single license. Naturally this also includes Avira Management Console to efficiently administer the Avira virus protection.
    This ensures your network is secure against viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, spyware and other malware.
    All this at a price up to 30 % less than the individual licenses if purchased separately.

    All inclusive:
    1- Avira Professional Security
        the best possible protection for your desktop PCs
    2- Avira Server Security
        maximum security for your file servers
    3- Avira Management Console
        time saving, network-wide security management
    4- Avira Update Manager
        automatically download the updates of a large number of your Avira products from the Internet

    - Free updates and upgrades throughout the license period
    - Gold Support: 8x5 (CET) support in German and English
    - Installation and configuration made easy
    - Thanks to an intuitive setup wizard, you don’t have to be an expert to roll out your network security quickly.

  • All-inclusive PC, server and exchange protection.
    If your small business is running between 3 and 100 PCs, chances are you don't have the luxury of spare resources – or spare IT people – if a virus hits your network. The Avira Small Business Security Suite allows you to protect your endpoints and email communications with a single, award-winning antivirus and antispam package.
    We've thought of everything so you don't have to. Save countless hours with centralized installation, configuration and reporting.
    Stop wondering if you've done enough to secure your network. Get back to doing what you do best!

    All-inclusive server and endpoint protection

    1- Avira Server Security (Windows)
      Complete virus protection for your servers
    2- Avira Professional Security (Windows)
      State-of-the-art security to keep worms, spyware and adware off your workstations
    3- Avira Exchange Security - Small Business Edition
      User-friendly. Reduced complexity. Total security.
    4- Avira Management Console
      Centralized installation, configuration and administration, including updating and monitoring
    5- Avira Small Business Security Suite – installation and
      configuration made easy
      With intuitive wizards, you don’t have to be an expert to quickly install and configure Avira Small Business Security Suite, including the Exchange Security component.
  •  Avira Professional Security is the
    ideal choice for offices that…
    - Need reliable service and prompt technical support
    - Prefer a single, centralized security management platform
    - Want to free up system resources using cloud-based security

    Eliminate both cyber threats and stress with easy, convenient
    operation and best-in-class support.

    usiness Antivirus with Email and Web Protection
    No matter what your employees open—or where they click—their PCs, your customers’ privacy and your company’s reputation are guarded against viruses, phishing and other cyber threats.
    Time-Saving Central Management
    Tired of the runaround? Stay right at your desk and use the Avira Management Console (AMC) to install, configure and monitor Avira Professional Security for every workstation on the network.

    Simple. Scalable. Silent.
    Avira Professional security is designed to integrate smoothly with Avira Mac Security. Through the Avira Management Console, all installations, updates and detections can be either customized or automated. Even more, your internet security will run silently in the background, leaving you to focus on your most important tasks.

    Service and Support
    Exclusive Gold Support puts you in touch with Avira staff whenever you need help. Think of us as an additional member of your IT staff. Updates and upgrades are included with your license, guaranteeing your colleagues the latest, greatest business antivirus at all times.

  • Avira Server Security is the ideal choice for offices that…

    - Store or share sensitive data on networks or servers
    - Have a network that consists of a variety of server points
    - Want the convenience of an easy to use central management dashboard

    Protect the servers that your business relies upon with Avira’s award wining antivirus technology that includes an easy to use management interface.

    Cutting-edge Antivirus Technology
    From multilevel scanning to behavior-based monitoring, its one product that offers the very best in business data protection. Fully certified for Windows Server 2012.

    Intuitive Administration Dashboard
    Make life easy with two intuitive graphic user interfaces that make setting up and managing a network environment a snap.

    Scalable, Customizable and Lightweight
    Ideal for small businesses, Avira Server Security is a one-size-fits-all server protection platform that offers complete protection in a compact, customizable package.
    Service and Support
    Keep your business safe and your server antivirus protection running at full speed with a security solution that includes Avira’s Gold Support package.