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  • The solution concept is based on the innovative C.A.F.E. management principle and includes all devices and data paths. The intelligent and central management allows for the easy installation and administration of functionality. Protection is ensured with a high degree of transparency for the users, but mostly in the background to not interrupt users‘ workflows – an important factor to achieve users’ acceptance of the security concept.


  • InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise is a comprehensive solution for data protection, loss prevention and monitoring the transmission of sensitive information outside a company, as well as for the protection of the company from internal threats.



  • You simply go to the website, load your source code and immediately receive a result that does not need a computer science degree to understand. You find the nasty surprises left by insider programmers within minutes.

    There are no expensive installations and unwarranted expenses for external code auditing.

    The product is Static Application Security Testing (SAST) code analyzer. Because of an integrated code normalizer it does not require special code preparation and is, theoretically compatible with any business application programming language. At the moment InfoWatch APPERCUT supports ABAP/4, Java,PeopleCode. We also available for additional language normalizer development, should your company require it.

    The system contains a regularly updated database of digital fingerprints of known backdoors. It instantly compare the application code to the fingerprints and does not require the application to actually compile. InfoWatch APPERCUT ignores all overall program logic and scans whole applications as well as code snippets, up to single lines, equally effectively.